Our Story

The aromas of coffee have captivated our senses and stolen our hearts for years. We’ve always been thinking that there is much more going on inside your daily cup of coffee than what meets the eye; we always found the journey of a coffee bean traveling from a farm to your mug inspiring; a journey that never ends and never grows old.

About Us

Our passion, your inspiration

Marouf Coffee was established in 2018 as a specialized company in the production and supply of premium coffee types chosen from the best coffees in the world. We believe that great coffee starts with the highest quality of green beans planted in the most famous farms of the world and given countless amounts of labor and love to ensure receiving an excellent product.

We source premium qualities of raw green coffee beans from all over the world! From the farms, coffee beans come in burlap sacks, we then create our custom blends and exceptional single origin roasts.


To share our customers’ daily moments by providing perfect, delicious and inspirational coffee.


To become the most trusted as the perfect coffee business partner and the leader in the local and regional market.






Our Products

Aromas brewed

Marouf Coffee offers a wide range of coffees roasted, brewed and ground to satisfy all tastes and preferences

Turkish Coffee

The most popular and asked for from our coffee range, offered to you in three blends: dark, medium and light, with cardamom added as per preferences and request.

Jordanian Coffee (Sada)

Offering premium blends for the coffee that best reflects our heritage and culture, roasted to fulfill the proud Jordanian coffee connoisseurs.

Arabian Saudi Coffee

The highest quality of brewed blond Arabica coffee bean with cardamom added.

Lebanese Coffee

We discovered the secret of the Lebanese coffee which lies in the high-quality Arabica bean offering the roasting method through mixing the blond and dark types together.

American Coffee

A blend aromatic and fine Arabicas that are roasted to different degrees of your choice that determine your coffee’s taste and aroma.

Espresso Coffee

A blend of aromatic and intense fine coffee ground and packed perfectly in different sizes.

French Coffee

The finest coffee beans are ground for you to experience the most tantalizing tastes with creamy flavors.

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    -Jamous Plaza – Airport Road
    -Al Yadoudeh – Madaba Street
    -Dabouq – King Abdulla II Street
    -Marj Al Hamam – Abu Odeh Stores